What is this LSR thing?
LSR Light Show is a computer controlled and sequenced light display. We currently concentrate on Christmas shows but might venture into spooky Halloween shows someday

Things to remember
So everyone can have the best possible experience we ask that you don't park directly in front of the show. Parking can be found both up and down the street with a turning circle at the end.
Please be respectful of our neighbours by not parking across their driveway and not entering their property.
Please also keep your radio volume down. We understand that the show is exciting but we don't want any complaints to spoil the show.

Do you accept donations?
No we do not currently accept donations. However if you were wanting to donate to a great cause;

Camp Quality
Starlight Children's Foundation

How can we contact you?
It is best to contact us / leave feedback via our Facebook page.

Where is the show?

We are working secretly for this year's show, no peeking. Come back in December